I'm Lydia (she/her), a current graduate student at University of Colorado - Boulder, studying experimental petrology and geochemistry. I'm a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BS in Geology and minor in Biological Anthropology. I love all things science: rocks, space, dinosaurs, evolution, plants, weather.. and I especially love bombarding my friends and family with random facts. 

I served in the US Coast Guard for six years, in places like Seattle, the Bering Sea, the central Pacific, and Florida. I performed jobs ranging from search and rescue to law enforcement, and worked as a machinery technician and first responder. My time in service afforded me the GI Bill and the chance to attend a top tier institution, which led me to U of M. 

While I'm interested in geology and planetary science, I'm also passionate about the spread of knowledge and making education and information accessible to all. My career goals center around science education and communication, and fostering a passion for science in the next generation of explorers and problem-solvers. 

When I'm not working on schoolwork or veteran-related projects, I love to knit, read, [attempt to] cook, spend time outdoors, and repeatedly tell my pets how adorable they are.

I recently wrote a piece for the University of Michigan's chapter of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) about my experience as an undergraduate student from a nontraditional background. 

I wrote about my path to UofM, being a decade older than most other students, and finding my place with the veteran community on campus. 

Head to the AWIS blog to read the full article!


December 15, 2020

Association for Women in Science: Our Stories